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I know what you’re thinking: oh great, another blog. The internet really was missing just one more blog. Now the web is complete. Thankfully there is one more self-important idiot spewing nonsense into the void – the world will not spin off its axis. Perfect. Ah, but perhaps, as you’ve secretly hoped, this blog will be about doorknobs. Or at least mostly about doorknobs. Some coverage of important news stories concerning ice cream trucks wouldn’t be a bad thing, so long as the better part of the content tackles doorknobs. Something on the order of 93% doorknobs/7% ice cream trucks. The doorknob/ice cream truck blog. That would be something. Maybe even a smattering of monkeys on bicycles. 92.7% doorknobs/6.1% ice cream trucks/1.2% monkeys on bicycles. Yes, that is precisely the type of blog which could be useful, you think. That is the blog which the internet really is missing.

Alas, this is not that blog. Or is it?

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